04 Dan Karaty | Addiction and sustainable behaviour, electric car love, sports and an open mind

04 Dan Karaty | Addiction and sustainable behaviour, electric car love, sports and an open mind

Episode description

Dan is a creature of habit. But, becoming sober has helped him discover what he needs, instead of wants – and how he used to feel entitled to excess. He now sets a different example for his kids, enjoys driving electric and even gets his coffees in a reusable cup. Well, sometimes… In this special, English-spoken fourth episode of This is a Good Podcast – for a more sustainable life, choreographer, tv judge (Holland’s Got Talent) and author/podcaster Dan Karaty and sustainable lifestyle expert Marieke Eyskoot discuss:

  • A giant disposable coffee cup
  • Filling a void by buying stuff (and how it doesn’t work)
  • Brainwashing commercials (you need shopping and alcohol to be happy)
  • The relationship between being sober and sustainability
  • Setting examples for your kids
  • The dilemma of flying for work
  • The pro’s of eating less red meat
  • Paper towels, lots of paper towels
  • Sports fandom, athletes and endorsements
  • Being a walking ad when wearing sports outfits
  • The ripple effect of positive green experiences for family and friends
  • How Marieke almost took part in Dance Dance Dance
  • Using your privilege to pay for more expensive innovations to help them grow

The sustainable dilemma’s, drive, devils and dreams of Dan Karaty, from the Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam.


Danae Mercer https://www.instagram.com/danaemercer/ (her fab ‘cellulite Times magazine cover’: https://www.instagram.com/p/C1uaXGFNR7z/)

Marieke’s episode on Dan’s podcast If I’m Being Honest, episode 42 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIy6n7_S7Pg

Adidas research by Follow the Money https://www.ftm.eu/articles/the-dark-side-of-your-adidas-sneaker

More sustainable sports brands

Sportswear: https://girlfriend.com/ / https://houdinisportswear.com/ / https://ironroots.com/ / https://www.patagonia.com/ / https://www.rohnisch.com/ / https://www.vaude.com/ /

Shoes / green sports: https://www.veja-store.com/ / https://www.veja-store.com/en_eu/c/running / https://www.instagram.com/allbirds/ / https://greensportsalliance.org/

Dan Karaty Instagram https://www.instagram.com/dankaraty/

Dan Karaty TikTok https://www.tiktok.com/@dankaratyofficial

Dan’s book: If I’m Being Honest https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/201904615-if-i-m-being-hones

Marieke Eyskoot Instagram https://www.instagram.com/mariekeeyskoot/

Marieke Eyskoot website https://www.mariekeeyskoot.nl/


Audio and video: Max van Nievelt

Audio support: Ruud Hermans - https://ruudhermans-composer.com/

Music editing: Edmé Koorstra (original track: Cinematic Adventure Trailer by MAPA)

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